Caring for Castles & Crowns Clothing

Here at Castles & Crowns we take great pride in our high-quality children’s clothing. Each item is made with care from the finest of materials. Many of our customers pass down favorite outfits to other children in their families. That being said, we know that kids can be tough on clothes and we have some care tips that will help your Castles & Crowns outfits last as long as possible.

  • The first time you wash any outfit, especially red or dark pinks, we recommend using a shout color catcher to prevent any bleeding.
  • Please treat all swimsuits before wearing them. They are not recommended for use in chlorine pools.
  • Our fabrics are not preshrunk so slight shrinkage is expected. We recommend that you use the cold water setting when washing.
  • Before washing turn all outfits inside out. Alines & Longalls with top straps should be unbuttoned at the strap to prevent strain on the button. On our dresses, remove bows at shoulder if possible.
  • If your washing machine has a “soil level” “spin speed” or similar setting, set these as low as possible to protect your garments from stretching. The delicate setting is always a good choice
  • Dryers slowly ruin fabrics, the lint in your lint trap is proof of this. In order to make our clothing the best quality hand-me-downs as possible for the next child or generation, we recommend air drying only. If you must use the dryer, use the lowest possible setting. Once dry, follow up with a cool iron as needed. Please note that a hot iron can scorch the fabrics!
  • Run a lint shaver over knit fabrics to make them look like new again. 

*Castles & Crowns specializes in smocked, appliquéd and monogrammable childrens’ clothing in all sizes. We are recognized for our classic styles, unique fabrics, quality construction, fast service and affordable pricing. We are a Gulf Coast based children’s clothing company.


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