Summer is here, school is out and family vacations are in the works. Kids grow up so fast so it’s important to capture as many memorable moments as possible. Here are some tips on how to take the best family photos this summer! 

  1. Use windows or doorways to frame your family.
  2. Let your hands accentuate the story.
  3. Create sunrise or sunset silhouettes – The trick is to have an unobstructed horizon behind you so you see clear definition of your bodies’ movements and shapes.
  4. Consider black and white to add a timeless feel to the photo’s story – When you see a lot of contrasting tones, consider shooting in black and white to enhance the sense of timelessness.
  5. Be mid-step when taking a walking shot – If you want a family photo of everyone walking, there is a trick to it—make sure you’re in mid-step when the camera clicks. If both feet are planted, it will look like you are standing still.
  6. Ignore the camera – We often see the spirit of a family much clearer when they aren’t looking at the camera, but rather just enjoying each other’s company.
  7. Incorporate the background – Rule of thumb for how much background should be in your photo: If the background enhances your story, take the wider-framed shot.
  8. Know when to get in tight –  If the background doesn’t add to your story, either step closer to your subject(s) or zoom in with your lens.
  9. Show profiles – When you want a family travel photo of everyone with their backs to the camera, make sure you and your spouse or you and the kids look at each other so the picture captures your profiles.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY – dress cute and comfortable. Kids take better photos when they feel comfortable in what they are wearing. So get out their favorite Castles & Crowns outfits and start snapping pics of memories to last a lifetime!

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