Tis the season to start planning for all things summer! Day Camps are a wonderful learning experience that lots of kids take part in during the summer months. Whether it be for just a week or a month, or half-days or full-days, preparing your kids for Day Camp is a must!

Here are some tips for getting ready for Summer Day Camps!

  1. Outfits, Outfits, Outfits….One thing camp directors always see is children attending in the wrong attire. Dress your child for comfort, safety and appropriate temperatures. Proper shoes are important too, particularly if they are playing outside. Avoid strappy sandals and flip flops; opt for tennis shoes. Our Castles & Crowns Shorts Sets are the perfect outfits for day camp. They are lightweight, light-colored, durable and adorable! Click HERE to shop our Boys Smocked Short Sets. Click HERE to shop our Girls Matching Sets! 
  2. Bring one bottle of water that has been cooled in the refrigerator and a second one that has been in the freezer. As the day wears on, the frozen water will melt and provide cool refreshment for your child. Spray bottles are a great idea too. They keep the face and body cool in the hot sun.
  3. Apply sunscreen to your child’s skin before he/she leaves home and send the tube along for later reapplication. Consider sending along a hat for extra protection. 
  4. If your child is going to be out in a natural environment, make sure they wear insect repellent. Look for a lotion form that is safe for children; avoid sprays. When camp is over, follow up with a tick check.
  5. Any item brought to camp should have your child’s name, address and phone number on it in case it gets left behind. This includes clothing! If they are changing into swimwear at any point, you want to make sure to have all clothing labeled so it comes back home with your child.
  6. Finally, encourage your child to enjoy the experience. Mark the first day of camp on the family calendar and do a countdown. Help your child develop a checklist of items needed, pick out their favorite Castles & Crowns outfit to wear on the first day, and don’t forget to share your own camp stories. Remind your child to do his best, obey the rules, be respectful of others and have a great time!

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