Here at Castles & Crowns, we know that mom life is a busy life. So we are always looking for ways to increase quality family time while making sure that all of the household chores and responsibilities are still taken care of. Being in the clothing industry, it is important to us to provide fashionable yet durable clothing for kids, clothing that can withstand long days of play and roughhousing! If your homes are anything like ours, the laundry pile seems to take on a life of its own! It’s mind-boggling how quickly a small mound of laundry can turn into a mountain! We have done all kinds of research on laundry life hacks and now we are going to share our top picks with you! Hopefully one of these great tips will help you and your kids get their clothes clean and back in their dresser drawers faster than ever so you’ll have more time for the fun stuff in life!

  1. Use visual aids to help your kids sort their clothes! – Amy Blevins and her hubby came up with a great system to show their kids how to help sort laundry. Click HERE to find out how to start this laundry system in your home today!
  2. Teach your kids how to become “Wash Warriors!” – This laundry life hack turns laundry into a conquest for the kids. Find out how to create you own superhero group of Wash Warriors HERE 
  3. Folding Baskets! – We adored this idea. It works wonders in teaching kids how to put up their own clothes and having separate basket for each person saves a ton of time! Find more details on Folding Baskets HERE
  4. Printable Drawer Labels – This awesome life hack saves you from having to go in and rearrange drawers all the time! No more socks in the pants drawer with these cute labels. Click HERE to download and print drawer labels today! 

*Castles & Crowns specializes in smocked, appliquéd and monogrammable children’s clothing in all sizes. We are recognized for our classic styles, unique fabrics, quality construction, fast service and affordable pricing. We are the top Gulf Coast based children’s clothing company and we look forward to outfitting your children in our adorable clothes!


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