Model spotlight!

Today we are putting the spotlight on one of our awesome mini models! Our kids clothing  would just not look as cute without them! .

Today’s spotlight is on our great model, Maddy! We sent a questionnaire for her and her Mom to answer.




How old is she?  -Maddy is 3 years old, she will be 4 on April 1st (My little April Fool’s baby). 🙂

What is her favorite movie? -Her favorite movie is currently Frozen, just like all the rest of the little girls right now, but her long time favorite is Winnie the Pooh.

What is her favorite pass time? -She loves to play outside with her big brothers, and shop for fabric with her Mama.

When did she begin modeling with Castles and Crowns? -She started modeling for Castles and Crowns in September 2013.

What is her favorite thing about modeling? -Her favorite part of modeling is the interaction with the other kids, she also loves to see her pictures on the Castles and Crowns website.


What are some of her favorite pieces from this season’s line? -Maddy’s favorite pieces from the line is anything that is pink or princess, she insists that she MUST have them all. 🙂

(Mom) What are your must-haves from the line? -The Little Fishes and Octopus sets.



Check back with us soon as we will be spotlighting more of our precious mini models soon!

We have many photo shoots a year and we are always looking for new models as it seems all of ours grow way too fast! 😉 If you are interested in modeling, send a photo and contact info to


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    She’s so beautiful

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