Coming Up!

Hello, Everyone! We know it has been a WHILE since we have posted a great blog for you. Now is the time again! We are excited about all of the new things happening here! Our Spring/Summer season just ended and we are looking ahead to our Fall/Winter season. We have photo shoots, website sales, contests and more coming up so you don’t want to miss all that we have going on.

Since the last time we posted, we have a new, exhilarating way to share our great clothes with you! We started Smocked by Shine on Facebook! We are already over 4,000 fans and we are getting more everyday. We use this page to sell merchandise in a thrilling, auction style, sale. It is so much FUN! If you haven’t seen these sales, head over to the page and check them out every Monday and Wednesday night at 8pm CST! Warning: You will get addicted to these sales!

Another thing is now that our Spring/Summer trunk season is over, we will be having sales on our left over merchandise on our website. We are looking forward to helping you dress your little ones in the BEST of smocked clothing! You can trust our brand to bring you quality merchandise at affordable prices! To know when this sale is happening, sign up for our email list! You can find the link to sign up at the top of our Facebook page. Please know that the inventory on our website is ALL we have left and we will not be ordering anymore for the season. Get what you can before it’s gone!

We are now recruiting reps for our Fall/Winter season. The new season begins June 25th. There are plenty of ways to get involved with our company and easy ways to earn free clothes and discounts. To learn more, Click Here to fill out an application on our website. Looking for a way to stay connected with other moms, grandmas, reps, hostesses, and friends who love Castles and Crowns? Become a “friend” of our Rep Manger! She is on Facebook now to help spread the word about parties and reps in your area. She also has inside info about all things C&C. Here is the link to check her out:

I hope you will take advantage of all of these opportunities to get involved with our company. We are looking forward to a GREAT Summer!

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